Why does the water sometimes look brown or yellow?

Occasionally your water may be discolored due to infrastructure work such as, water main installation, hydrant flushing, main breaks or system repairs. This color comes from iron and/or mineral deposits inside the pipe that become dislodged during these repairs. Although it is the policy of the water department to flush the mains after the completion of work, it is possible for discolored water to be trapped in your house service. If it is caused by work on water mains, wait until the water is back on and then run a faucet until the water becomes clear. Home plumbing may also be the cause. If discolored water appears frequently, or is usually the first water drawn from your faucet in the morning it is probably caused by the house plumbing.

Why does my water appear cloudy or milky at times?

Cloudy water is often caused by dissolved oxygen being released from the water. Cold water can hold more oxygen than warm. Water saturated with oxygen will release the oxygen as it warms up. This occurs primarily during our winter months, but does not affect the quality of your water. This cloudiness usually will dissipate in about 30 to 60 seconds

Why does my water taste and/or smell “earthy” at times?

All water has its own unique taste and odor characteristics. Like many other water suppliers, Highwood occasionally experiences taste and odor changes. In the summer and early fall, microscopic organisms, such as algae, in the lake occasionally gives water an earthy taste and odor. This odor may be more noticeable in hot water from your home plumbing. Temperature change and excessive rainfall can also alter the taste of the water. These changes do not affect the safety of your water.

What is the turn on fee?

The City of Highwood will assess a turn on fee of $100 - $500 for non-payment of utilities.

What are the penalty fees and consequences?

Charges paid after the due date are subject to a ten percent (10%) late fee. Charges not paid after 60 days are considered delinquent and are subject to water service being disconnected without further notice.

When will I receive my utility bill?

City of Highwood bills bi-monthly every odd month.