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Highwood Firefighters’ Pension Fund

17 Highwood Avenue, Highwood Illinois 60040


Posted January 9, 2017


In accordance with the Statutes of the State of Illinois, notice is hereby given that the Highwood Firefighters’ Pension Fund will hold a regular meeting on Thursday, January 12, 2017. The meeting will take place at City Hall, 17 Highwood Avenue at 8:00 a.m.




1) Roll Call of Members


2) Public Comment


3) Adoption of Minutes

-                 October 13, 2016

4) Application(s)

-                 Chris Prager (8/17/89 – 8/14/92) – Buy back of Creditable Service       


5) Investment and Treasurer’s Reports

-               Sikich - Accountant’s Compilation and Tax Levy Receipt Report

Approval of warrant

                Status of annual IRS forms

              Actuary Timeline for 2015 

              Review of City Audit                                           

-                      Sawyer Falduto Asset Management, LLC

Quarterly Investment Performance Report

       Review and Possible Adjustments to Investment Policy / Asset Allocation


6) Old Business

-                      Status of  Pieri felony forfeiture matter

-                      Review of City’s tax levy ordinance and confirmation of tax levy for Fund


7) New Business

-                      Review and approval of Ottosen Britz retainer for 2017

-                 Review of annual timeline for 2017

-                 Annual Servicer Certifications from Illinois Finance Entities

-                 Preparation of list of required filers for Statement of Economic

-                 IPPFA Conference Fall 2017

-                 Preparation for annual spring elections and appointments

-                 Review of DOI Tax Levy Recommendation

-                 Review and possible action on update of Board rules and forms

-                 Possible development of funding policy with the City of Highwood

-                 Review of return to work memo


8)  Training

-               Training status/updates

-                 Legal issues update

-               IPPFA Fall 2017                   


9) Adjournment – Next regular meeting on April 13, 2017


Susan Sandahl

Secretary, Highwood Firefighters’ Pension Fund